June 19th, 2017


New resources have been added to the food banks, hot meal sites, and the wider world. Keep in mind that these new ones are transcribed directly from informational flyers, and have NOT been vetted by any volunteers at TEAL. We can’t attest to their safety or give any insight as to the application process. If you check them out, feel free to contact us with info so we can share it with others.


We have a new phone number as well, so feel free to contact us @ 330.413.3697. Call, text, voicemail, whatever way is most comfortable for you. If we miss you, we will contact you ASAP. No business hours, as need has no regular hours.


Finally, we would like to send a special shout out to our resource contributors: without you, we wouldn’t be able to reach so many folx!


Thanks to Sarah D., Emily M., Salem G., Molly J., Anna N., Ashlea G., Dee L., Grace E., Danielle K., Meg L., Veronica F., Mary S., Erika B., Eudora M., Cass W., Jennifer W., Jodie F., Kjerstin S., Ashley B.-P., Mahala S., Micah W., Jacqueline Y., Abigail O., Caitlyn S., Dana M., Rose E., Michelle K., Brittany S., Jennifer P., Tazz M., Liz L., Margo S., Giselle R. and Alan D.


Our donations this month came from Jacqueline Y., Margo S., Kandace H., Allegra M., Erin M., and others we have forgotten.


Additional assistance and support from Kassondra C., Stacey S.-F., Rebecca S.-F., Kristin K., Emily E. and everyone else we have forgotten.


Stay safe and be well!